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Due to language barriers between the east and west, often times buyers have much difficulty doing business with Asian countries. We bridge that gap and assist buyers and suppliers to conduct business smoothly. If you don't see the product you are interested in on our website just send us an email, we have extensive capabilities and contacts.

If you are searching for a specific product to purchase or want us to have your product manufacturer in Asia simply contact us with the product specifications and your complete company information.


WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia is located in Taiwan and provides the marketing support for Culturekid B2C Ltd. in Hong Kong.  Culturekid B2C Ltd. was previous part of the Culturecom Group which is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.  Culturekid B2C Ltd. is now an independent company.

We are an Asian business consultant group with many years of experience conducting business with China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Our location is in Central Asia with offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  We have extensive contacts and relationships throughout Asia.  We understand the difficultly potential buyers have in communicating with and finding businesses to work with in Asia, and because we are located in Asia, speak the language and understand the culture, we are able to communicate and find sourcing for you.  As we only work directly with the manufacturer this will insure the best possible price.  We assist government, military, retailers, wholesalers and independent business owners.  There is no fee for our services as we are commission based. 

Aside from sourcing and manufacturing we also have hundreds of products listed on our website for ODM/OEM customers.  Please visit our product page here.

  • Find a quality factory with a low cost - saving you time and money.
  • Make quality inspection at the factory and arrange shipment.
  • Help market your products in Asian countries.
  • Import components to China for assembly.

If you are looking for a long term supplier for large quantites we can assist you in establishing such a relationship.

Please contact us for more information or to make an inquiry.  Serious Inquires Only Please.

If you are a distributor, importer or are interested in becoming a distributor for a product already available in the market or if you have any product that you want to market or have maunfacturered in Asia please contact us.
Products we can source from Greater China, but not limited to:

Electronic Components and Products - mp3, radios, TV's, blank media, and much more

Computers and Accessories - usb pens, full systems, cards, monitors, and more

Stationery items - pens, paper, notebooks, binders, folders and more

Promotional and Gift items - Almost everything imaginable

Sporting Goods and Health Products - machines, chairs, equipment, and more

Household Products

Plastic Products

Machine Parts

Luggage and Bags

Toys, Watches and Handicraft items

Furniture and Wooden Items

T-Shirts, Silk Products, Under Garments, and Other Clothing items such as shoes and hats

New Inventions

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For specific product inquires please email us and let us know your needs, not all products are listed on our website.  We are not limited to these products, they are only listed to give you an idea of our capabilities.

China manufactured products we have available for faster shipment:

A 3' long fishing pole (full set), complete with reel, weights, hooks and line. Packed in plastic and cardboard.  USD$5.25/each FOB China Port.  

High Quality Shoe Shine Box for USD$4.00/each FOB China Port.  

We have several suppliers for blank CD-R and DVD-R media.

Please click here for our huge product list

Main About Products Services Contact

WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia is a representative company of Culturekid B2C Ltd.

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