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Trade Show Exhibition Representation
Asian Products Manufacturing and Sourcing
Business Consulting UL, CE, GS, FCC, E-Mark,  Product Safety Testing Certifications Taiwan GIS Data Service

Brief Explanations:

Trade Show Exhibition Representation - We will go to the trade show for you, with your products, and represent your company.

Asian Product Manufacturing and Sourcing - If you have a product you need or have your own idea we can assist you in finding a quality manufacturer.

Business Consulting - Having trouble doing business with Asian businessmen?  We can assist you.

Product Safety Testing and Certification - We have labs and established contacts within the testing companies, we can assist you in getting quotations and also helping you with the paperwork, etc.  We can do many kinds of testing depending on your needs.

Taiwan GIS Data Service - We can obtain GIS data about Taiwan for customers needing GIS maps or datasets from Taiwan.