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Date Established: March 2002

Mission of WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia (WWTS ASIA): To be a competent supplier of high technology products in the fields of energy, environment, health and safety products.  In addition also to be a capable service provider for sourcing, representation, electronic testing and GIS dataset provider.

Business Philosophy: Meeting the demands of customers though offering high technology and innovative products and services.  Making the customer competitive in their market and having the opportunity to invest and market high quality new products that no or few others can offer. WWTS ASIA works with the best people in the field to build customer confidence and product quality.

About WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia (WWTS ASIA):  The company was established in 2002 as a representative company of Culutrekid B2C Ltd. WWTS ASIA is devoted to serving customers needs and supplying high quality environmental, energy, health and safety technologies. Not long after its opening WWTS ASIA became an independent company offering its own solutions and using its own resources for partnerships and high quality products.

WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia (WWTS) is an international trading company based in Taipei, Taiwan with offices in the United States and was founded by an American business professional living in Taiwan.  WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia is an independent company as well as a representative company of Culturekid B2C Ltd., which is also an international trading company located in Hong Kong and was previously a division of the Culturecom Group (a company that is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange).  The major business function of the Culturecom Group is acting as a purchase agent for U.S. based importers or enterprises.  Culturekid B2C Ltd. is now an independently owned company and is partnered with WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia.

WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia is an agent and factory representative, a trading company, and also provides some marketing support for Culturekid B2C Ltd.  WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia provides innovative products and services for individuals and businesses worldwide, offering B2C and B2B services as well as contract manufacturing, OEM and ODM services.  WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia is still in the early stages of development and is putting together a solid customer base and is seeking interested distributors, agents, importers, retailers, investors, etc.  With market trends continually changing, WWTS adapts to these changes quickly in order to offer customers more reliabilty, efficiency and services.

WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia's business function is eliminating the middleman and acting as a bridge between buyers and suppliers while working directly with the manufacturer and offering innovative products and solutions for its customers.  Another focus is environmental and social issues such as health, energy and environmental solutions.  Since WWTS ASIA is owned and operated by a western business professional who has lived in Asia for more than a decade language and cultural issues have become non-existent.

WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia also works closely with hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers especially in Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, and the United States, specializing in high technology products and services. 

Products and Services:  Closing the Gap Between the Buyer and the Supplier

With the entry of Taiwan and China into the WTO many new opportunities and difficulties have emerged.  Having experienced the difficulties first hand that foreign businesses face in obtaining information, sourcing and manufacturing from Asian countries due to language, culture, distance, and business practices, WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia has established a network partnership with hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China as well as in other Asian countries.   WWTS ASIA only work  with manufacturers and suppliers directly so they are able to offer competitive pricing and eliminate the middleman and the hassles associated with having too many people involved.

Benefits of using WorldWide Tech Solution Asia's manufacturing service:
•    Time saved on sourcing for manufacturers and suppliers
•    Pricing and Competitiveness
•    The ability to easily communicate and negotiate with suppliers for you
•    Long-term relationships with manufacturers
•    Make quality inspection at the factory and arrange shipment
•    Helping to market your products in Asia
•    No up front fees
•    Trust in knowing a reliable established western owened company is helping you

WWTS ASIA offers high technology innovative solutions such as:

Self-Inflating Sand Bags (EZ-BAG™)
Mobile Handheld Generators
Mobile/Cellular Phone Jamming Devices
EMI Shielding
RF Power Meters
Automobile Tire Pressure Montoring Systems
Automobile Electricity Management Kits
Noise and Decibel Meters
Carbon Dioxide Detectors
Ergonomic Chairs
Temperature Guages
Air and Water Purification Systems
Essential Oils

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