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Current Innovative High Technology Products:

Mobile Generators - A Hand-Held Micro Generator

- Ever have your cell phone battery die during a call?  Efficient self producing energy. An environmentally friendly energy source.  Emergency usage. A great promotional and emergency item! No power source needed other than your hand!  Seeking distributors and agents!

All purpose micro fiber dry cloth suitable for cleaning surfaces
Suitable for cleaning diamonds, jewelry, pianos, antiques, digital/video camera equipment and lenses, laptops, PCs, OMRs, TVs, Cds, DVDs, mobile phones, precision/musical instruments, electronic accessories, glasses, mirrors, telescopes, removes make-up, etc.
  Distributor inquires welcome.

Noise Canceling HeadPhoneNoise Canceling Headphones!
Tired of noise at work or on airplanes?  These headphones can convert the noise around you to a tolerable level, making it more comfortable for you. 

Distributor inquires welcome.

Rubik CubeMagnetic Puzzle Cube and Regular Cubes
A new kind of puzzle cube. 

Distributor inquires welcome.

Wedding Gowns and Accessories
A one stop place to get all prom, wedding, bridesmaid and evening wear

Essential Oils
A full range of essential oils available here, when ordering you will need the following number: 850953

Printer Cartridges and Toners (INK) - E-mail us your inquiry.
No more paying outrageous prices for printer cartridges, tonors, etc.  Excellent quality printer and fax machine toners and cartridges.  OEM/ODM only.  Distributor inquires only.  We are also seeking used and empty toners and cartridges.

Air and Water Purification Systems
Purification systems for your home or office. Ozone and negative ion generation.
Outstanding results come from products that work!
Help yourself breath fresher air and drink cleaner water!  
Health experts say that the healthier you are and better your immune system is and the less likely you are to get sick and the more likely you will be able to fight off or completely avoid being infected by viruses like SARS.  Ozone has been researched to be beneficial to overall health.   No minimum order.
Distributor inquires welcome.

Distributor and agent inquires welcome on all items.  Government and military buyers are also welcome.  We are listed on the US Government's CCR database.

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