Hand Held Pumping Style Micro Mobile Generator

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"Hey, I gotta go!  My battery is running out!"

It happens to all of us.  We reach the end of our "talk time" before we're ready to.
With this innovative new hand-powered generator, you don't need any power source other than your hand!
Just squeeze the handle for a few minutes and your cell phone (or radio, or GPS, or PDA, CD Player, or etc...) is fully recharged - anytime, anyplace!

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Introducing the new hand held generator offered exclusively through WorldWide Tech Solutions Asia.

Introducing the world’s first  hand held and operated regulated genuine generator. A smart super chip “Gold capacitor” optimizes instant battery charging just by squeezing it – charges cellular phones, CB radios, rescue lights, rechargeable CD players, radios, tape players, DVD units, radar units and just about anything with rechargeable batteries. A white LED flash light bright enough to see from two miles away, just a few squeezes gives several minutes of light – it doesn’t stop when you do! 2 minutes squeezing equals approximately two minutes of talk time. Never worry about a dead cell phone battery again!  Can be used while talking on your cell phone! 

                  We have many adaptor options for almost any mobile phone worldwide.

This is an emergency battery charger that can be used where electricity is not otherwise available.  Charger can be used during a call and can be used on almost any cell phone.  This charger also features a powerful mini light!  The mini light is a high powered led.  I keep a generator in every room in case of earthquakes or power failures, you should also!

Aluminum alloy handle bar, ABS plastic body
Powerful Micro Generator

Electric Double Layer Capacitor (1F)
High Powered White LED (20mA)
Size: 100(h) x 62(w) x 36(t) mm
Weight: 165g
Capacity: 5.6V 600mA/3000rpm - 90 times pumping/minute  
Many types of adaptors available, will work on most mobile phone brands

Minimum order 500,000 to 1,000,000 (1 color)
Extra charge for export packaging and logo
Color and Logo (OEM): Minimum 500,000 to 1,000,000
Delivery 30-45 days after confirming L/C or T.T. wire transfer  
Payment: At sight commercial draft L/C or 50% advanced cash (TT) and 50% cash on delievery

This generator is only available for orders over 500,000/pcs.  We welcome government, military and other large volume buyers.

Please Contact us for details

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