Sand bags that Self-Inflate in Minutes!
A High Techology Water Absorbing Self-Inflating Sand Bag for Flood Control
No Prior Preparation Needed!!  No Laboring!! No Experience Necessary!! Just Add Water!!
Revolutionizing Flood Control with a Sandless Sandbag!!!!

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Forget about traditional sand bags and laboring to fill and move them.  With the EZ-Bag Sand Bag just submerge them in water and watch them inflate! 
There is no preparation or labor involved.  It's so easy a monkey or child could do it!

Why not be prepared for the next flood instead of waiting for the sandbag truck to come or having to fill and move them yourself or worse yet be stuck without any flood protection at all?!  Waiting will only result in losing valuables, your home and maybe even your life!  Nowadays some homes are not even insurable, insurance companies are cutting back on offering flood insurance to flood prone areas.  Our product is light weight, easy to move and store ,and is a  fast and an effective defense against flooding.

Beware of Imitation, Poor Quality Products Coming from China! *


Sand Bags shown in actual use at a 7-11; Tokyo - 2002

NEW: Fast, Easy and Affordable Defense against Flooding:

Introducing:  EZ-Bag! The self inflatable sandbag!

New high technology water absorbing resin sand bag used as a flood device and offered exclusively by WorldWide Tech Solutions.

Self-inflating Sand Bag Information

  • Easy to use. Automatically inflates in only 3~5 minutes
  • Expands from 0.50kg to up to 25kg (1.1 lbs. up to 55 lbs) before your eyes.
  • Requires NO LABOR to prepare or use.
  • Can be ‘inflated’ at point of use, no need for heavy infrastructure preparation
(i.e. Remote filling with sand, transportation to site etc.)
  • Very efficient. Requires no more storage space than a normal, empty traditional sand bag!
  • Easy to ship or move.
  • Shelf life of ~ 3 -10 years (depending on environment).
  • Environmentally Friendly!
  • Uses natural jute bag and water absorbing resin (PRTR Approved, the same as babies’ diapers).
  • Product dissolves naturally in the ground.

FAQ Section
  • Residential protection
  • Factory protection
  • Store front protection
  • Sidewalk protection
  • Underground parking protection
  • Subway entrance protection
  • Streets
  • Railroads
  • River banks
  • Golf courses
  • Construction areas
  • Fire protection
  • Storm protection and preparation
  • Typhoons and hurricanes
  • Levee rebuilding and construction

Finally! A simple, fast, easy and affordable alternative to traditional sand bags!

Other Uses of the EZ-Bag Include:

Video of how our product works, it's so simple!

Traditional Sand Bags vs. EZ-Bags

Traditional Sand Bags:                                EZ-Bags:                                                       External Costs of Traditional SandBags:

1.       Requires extensive time, labor and material transport to prepare and provide 'mission ready' sandbags.

2.      Requires large storage space and extensive manpower or equipment to move and manage.

3.       Difficult to ship, or transfer, too heavy.

Fast, easy, lightweight bags ‘inflate’ in minutes.  Automatically!  No mess.  No fuss.  "Just Add Water!"

Small package stores easily until ready to use!

Lightweight (1.1 lbs.), easy to store, move and manage!

Consider all the costs below for traditional sandbags.
Costs include (but are not limited to):
Cost of the bag
Cost of getting the bag to fill site
Cost of getting labor to the fill site
Cost of fill material
Cost of labor for filling
Cost of transporting filled bags
Cost of placing filled bags
Cost of removing filled bags
Cost of disposing of filled bags
Environmental costs etc. 

is a faster and more cost effective way to fight and be prepared for floods!

How to use the product?
To inflate: After use:  

Simply submerge the
EZ-Bags  in water. Bag will expand to approximately 20kg (45 lbs.) in 3 to 5 minutes!  Easy to use…  For faster inflation shift the bag back and forth under the water and squeeze the bags of polymer inside the sand bag.  For this type of sand bag you may only use fresh water. This bag is not useful in sea water. We have another product for this.

 Alternatively, the EZ-Bags may be inflated by running water via a hose etc. Simply lay the bags out where  you want them to be used, and run water on them for 3-5 minutes. Right before your eyes, your ‘automatic’  barrier wall will be constructed! No other product like this exists…(Note: inflation time may vary and may take longer than 5 minutes if only using a hose.)
Multiple methods exist for post use handling

Soak used bag in a 5 ~10% salt (CaCl2) solution, bag will shrink to original size in about 10 ~ 15 minutes and is  rendered unusable.

Burn bag at 250C or bury under ground, bag is biodegradable and will dissolve naturally.  (Biodegradablilty depends on many factors)

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

Ordering Information: Please contact us for details

We are seeking distributors in most countries!  Please contact us if you are interested.

*Buyer Beware: Imitation and poor quality polymer sandbags often do not inflate or will under inflate causing customer dissatisfaction as well as other issues.  Under weight those imitation bags will fail. 
We have testing several other copied products and all of them failed. The only way to be sure you are getting an excellent quality product is to order directly from us or one of our agents/distributors around the world or become an agent for us. We have been in the sandbag business for over 12 years and in the polymer business for 40 years.   No other company can offer what we have, or say what we can say.  We are the original manufacturing source and our product is protected under patent.

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