Ink Printer and Fax Cartridges, Toners and Films and Refills

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Ink toner and cartridge prices are way too high, brand name manufacturers are getting away with highway robbery.  Even some of ther refills are expensive now.  We are now offering high quality OEM/ODM complete ink cartridges, toners and film.  Stop paying high prices for ink from orginal manufacturers.

Are you tired of paying $30 or more for a black ink cartridge for a printer that didn't cost you much more than that?  Tired of paying $100 or more for laser printer toners?

Sure there are many many companies selling non-brand name ink, however, their quality may not be top notch.  Don't be fooled by their tricks.

What we have is high quality ink that is much like the ink the brand-name companies sell.

We can supply toners, cartiridges and film for printers and fax machines.

Brands available:


We are doing ODM or OEM only.

Distributor inquiers only.

We are also looking for used ink cartrdges, toners, etc.