Cellular (Mobile)Phone Radiation Blockers (Anti-Radiation/EMF/EMS/EMI/EMR)
Electromagnetic Radiation Blockers (Clothing and more)

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ur product protects you and blocks harmful electromagnetic radiation.  Product can be used on cellular (mobile) phones and other electronical devices.  You should be concerned about cell phone radiation!  There is much information available about the harmful effects of EMF (yes, even cancer).

Beware of imitation products that claim they can block electromagnetic radiation.  We know about the FCC rulings and fake products on the market, we are not one of them.

We have test reports from Taiwan, Japan, Germany, France and Peru, all of which prove effectiveness of over 99%.  There are no other companies anywhere in the world who can guarantee 99% effectiveness!

The Cloth is to isolate Electric Waves, Electromagnetic Field, and Antistatic functions. This product is applicable to the following problems:

  1) Electronic science and technology industry is interfered by the Electric Wave in the products or the machinery:

     Can make isolate Electric Wave cover or apply to the products;


  2) Radiation will injure the human body to some extent while using mobile phones:

Our Bags and stickers can prevent the radition from entering your ear.


  3) The Electromagnetic Field of mobile phone bases brings and threatens family life:
Our material can be used to make curtains or be installed on ceilings, walls, etc.
  4) Doctors / Nurses / Students / Housewives / Computer Operators / the electromechanical room and transformer substations 
      engineer that work long-term in dangerous high Radiation places: Can be design into the Dresses / Work Clothes / Aprons, Bibs, and more.
  5) Winter at high latitudes / Static Electrical and machinery industry: Door Lock Cover, Chair Cover,
      Work Clothes, Desk Cushion… etc.
Customers can put Logos or Branding on the products.  This product is suitable for Promotion or Give Away marketing. This product is a necessity for every
household with a lot of profit.

To learn more about how our product protects you from electromagnetic radiation please download our video below.

To download video right mouse click on the link below, then select "Save Target As..." and save file to your harddrive, it is virus free.    Electromagnetic Radiation Blocker Video  Video is 110mb (Video is 10 minutes long)

It is very important that if you are interested in the product that you download the video to understand the technology and why electromagnetic waves are harmful.

Please visit page two for pictures from our Computex 2006 booth!

Available Designs:
Sticker The sticker should be put directly over the speaker on your mobile phone, as shown on the left, to prevent radiation from entering the ear.

Sticker two

Radiation Sticker 1
New designs
They may look cute, but it's what under the graphic that protects you from harmful radiation.

These are our new products with built in EMF fabic to protect you from the dangers of Electricmagnetic Radiation!
Sorry these are only available in larger volumes.
EMF Mobile Phone Bags
Leather EMF Mobile Phone Bags
EMF Mobile Phone Bags 3
EMF 3-in-1 Mobile Phone Bags and Purse

EMI Apron, Vest and Bib

Other uses of this product include:
Anti-Wave(Field) can block out signals from a phone completely -
(only if you use sheet and wrap it around the cell phone, these stickers below will not block your signal).

Anti-Ultrared Rays
To Resist Static Electricity
Isolated X-Rays
EMI mobile phone bags
EMI Material for making clothing, curtains, etc.

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