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Fuel Saver/Electritity Management Kit - Green Technology
For all 12v vehicle's - all cars and trucks. An automotive / autoparts product

With fuel and gas prices continually increasing this product will really help you save money!

Plug and Go, and that's it! No messy additives, oils, or other liquids, just plug it in and your done!
To enhance the vehicle's electric system, for Hi-Power competency,
and to assist the ignition system have more power with consuming less fuel.

  • Hi-Power super capacitors
  • For more power and less fuel
  • Passive-part designed for safety, performance and durability
  • Plug-in for easy installation and use, small size
  • Save fuel, money and the environment

EMK - 1
Electricity Management Kit - Has an extra socket for other cigerette lighter applications

  • Features and Benefits:
·         Just plug-in, no installation required
·         Saves fuel, money, and the environment
·         Gain more power with less fuel consumption
·         Saves fuel like an HEV
·         No messy fuel additives
·         Passive part design for safety, performance and durability
·         No maintenance
·         Get instance results
·         Works on all 12 volt vehicles, both diesel and unleaded fuels
·         RoHS compliant
·         For passenger cars and trucks: 10% to 30% average fuel savings and 7% to 10% in torque gain.
·         For diesel engines: ~5% fuel savings, and for torque depends on the engines design, it will vary.
·         CE Certification
·         Improves engine ignition efficiency and acceleration
·         Reduces emissions and build-up on the cylinders
·         Improves steering and braking

product is capable of instantaneous massive current discharge/charge at 1 to 10K Hz.  Due to the Hi-Power Super Capacitor’s key component nature, with low ESR and current leakage, the
optimized ignition power is done through the advanced inductive current phase, thus the best fuel combustion is derived due to maximized fuel efficiency, along with better dynamic output can be
derived immediately after installation.

The functioning of this product is based on simple electrical theories, plus the Nanotech of WWTS's technology.  Our product is of a highly conductive metal-ceramic supper capacitor nature. The
Innovative Features:

  1. The first Hi-Power Super Capacitor product developed for the vehicle industry over the past century, with focus on the ignition system and  enhancement on dynamic output and safety elements.
  2. A real passive-component characteristic product that does no active change or modification on the vehicles' sensing and electronic control systems of the ECU, thus the usage is safe.
  3. Our Electricity Management Kit provides sufficient immense instant electric current to all inductive components and motors, to ensure the full working power of those parts, such as cooling fans, compressor motors, brake system hydraulic motors, wipers, power windows, electricity-powered seats, CLA air-compressor, etc.
  4. It works in a loop with the battery and the alternator/generator systems, which results in a Hi-Power Electricity System for the vehicle. Under the extremely stable voltage, the rippling is minimized and the hi-power electricity operation can be achieved which smoothens all electric and electronic systems.
  5. Direct reduction of the vehicle fuel cost, and increased fuel efficiency.  Energy-savings and environment-friendly.

Product Functions:

  1. Due to the characteristics of instantaneous massive power capability, the delayed Current Phase of igniting high voltage, can be advanced and   synchronized, thus vastly increasing the ignition power. Gasoline combustion rate is improved, and the fuel consumption is reduced by about 15% while torque and horse power are also improved by about 3 to 5%. Improved acceleration at all times make driving easier, and safer. Smoother running engine, easier for kick-down driving, more sensible braking, and higher driving safety.
  2. The vehicle's battery system with our EMK product becomes a highly efficient electricity system, and the life of the vehicle's battery is prolonged under stable electricity environment.
  3. The accuracy of the sensors and the ECUs ( electronic control unit ) of the vehicle, is ensured.
  4. The reliability of ESC ( Electronic Safety Control ) including ABS, TCS, etc., is improved. The reliability of IT/Telemacs functions is also improved.
  5. Improved stable voltage helps improve audio quality of the stereo systems, the reception of the digital TV, the air-con compressor’s efficiency, etc. Considerable increases the durability and life of the vehicles’ electric circuitry, and devices ( such as the Stereo system, Digital TV, and all motor-driven devices, etc. )
  6. Reduced carbon emissions and improved build-up in the cylinders of the engine, and less wear and tear.


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