Dual-Back Ergonomic Office Chairs

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New, innovative chair design allows people to sit more comfortably and reduce pressure on their discs!

"Is there a better way to sit comfortably?"
Physics Professor M. Brunig became intrigued with the problem "Is there a better way to sit comfortably?"

During their working life individuals spend an average of 80,000 hours sitting. It is reported that in the United States one-third to one-half of the population between 35 and 50 years old suffers from back pain and that back pain is the 3rd or 4th most common reason for missing work.

Research summarized in the chart on the following page compares the stress placed on spinal discs in various positions. Perhaps this might explain why people develop back pain. (Click here to see the chart).

Our Chair's innovative hugging dual-back design adjusts better than other chairs to support the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), lumbar (lower back), and waist areas, which reduces pressure on the back by 50% over that of a conventional chair.

The secret to Comfort is spine stress reduction.
● The unique dual back swivel to support both sides of the spine without pressuring the "S-curve" of the spine.
● These backs are shaped to conform to and hug the back while exerting an upward "lifting" feeling. This feeling is similar to having two hands pushing upwards on your back. It supports you in almost any seated position while reducing pressure on the lower back.


Our chairs are your back's best friend!
One crucial point that is overlooked by consumers is that :

90% of individuals rarely adjust their chair settings. This means individuals are adjusting to their chairs rather than the chairs adjusting to them!

WWTS chairs are comfortable because they are designed to continually adjust to the occupant's movements while reducing stress on the back, neck and shoulders.

Our chairs are ushering in a new era in sitting comfort!
Our chairs remarkable sitting comfort is achieved through a combination of features:
● The dual-back rests support and reduce spine pressure by 50% compared to conventional chairs.
● The innovative elbow rests reduce stress in the shoulders and neck through a wide range of arm movements.
● The WWTS seat design reduces pressure points on the back of the thighs.
● The chair's back can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of body sizes.
● The WWTS dual back swivel and adjust to support the body through all movements while in the three sitting positions (the forward or working position, the middle or normal sitting position, and the rear or leaning back position). Other chairs use the lumbar support which does not automatically adjust to support the back.



Comfortable chairs automatically adjust to support you!


Our chairs are simply the best because :



They reduce pressure on the neck and shoulders.
They have innovative arm rests which reduce stress on the neck and shoulders.


Chair 2They feature a specially designed seat  cushion.


Chair 3





The charis can be adjusted to support different body sizes. The Dual-Back Chairs adjust vertically and horizontally to accommodate most body types.



Chair 4
They reduce pressure on the thighs when the upper body leans forward or remains seated for long periods
  Chair 5
The chairs allow the spine to maintains its natural "S-shape". This "S-shape" is optimal for supporting the discs and the spinal column. These chairs support the spine on both sides of the spine.