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EZ, No Preparation Sand Bag for Flood Control Gives Home Owners and Cities Something Easy to Fight Floods!
(Taipei, Taiwan – April  16, 2003) With flood season approaching Culturekid B2C Limited introduces a revolutionary new product called EZ-BAG.  Few people are prepared for Mother Nature’s fury and often find themselves wondering what to do when floodwaters start rising.  With weather patterns changing and insurance premiums always increasing it’s best to be prepared.
One of the most challenges tasks during a flood is how to stop the water from entering areas its not wanted.  Every year cities and homeowners struggle to contain floodwaters, but because of short supplies or labor and lack of resources they cannot do it effectively.  The EZ-BAG allows for immediate use without the hassle of filling or preparing traditional sand bags.
The EZ-BAG requires no labor and automatically inflates from 1.1lbs to 40lbs or more in just 3 to 5 minutes.  There is no prior preparation for use, just add water!  The EZ-BAG is environmentally safe and can be stored for 5~10 years. 
Regular sand bags require extensive time, labor and material transport to prepare and provide usable sand bags.  They also require large storage space and need massive manpower or equipment to move them and if they need to be shipped or transported they are just too heavy.  The EZ-BAG is fast, easy, lightweight and inflates in minutes without mess.  They are small and light enough to store and move easily whenever needed! 

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